Dec 1, 2019
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Hello Guys,

Am currently working on my new website , so I got a video importer script with watermark after installation the script refuse to work then a friend told me I must install ffmpeg before it works..

can you tell me were to install that? Thanks
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May 12, 2012
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Hi, there have been quite a few threads regarding FFMPEG and all have been closed because as i last recall cPanel does not provide support for FFMPEG. But in all my frustration over the years trying to get some answers here and elsewhere on the net here is what i have discovered regarding the installation of FFMPEG. I used to think i had to learn to compile FFMPEG which was (to me) a nightmare experience that i failed at many times. Then i found and used a website for autoinstall of FFMPEG however it sort of went south after some time.

Then luckily i happen to just be at the right place at the right time and discovered myself that installing is so freeking easy and i was sooo embarrassed that in my mind i had made it soooo complicated all those years. So here are the steps i found worked for me, and you can change them per your server config.

Since cPanel really does not like FFMPEG config or install instructions on their forum here is the link to my support area for my plugins where i explain how to install it..

One final tip here, FFMPEG changed (deprecated) many of its commands right around version 2.0 so if you have any scripts with those old commands they wont work anymore with the current version. :)

I hope that helps you... :)


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Nov 14, 2017

Please note that assistance with FFMPEG software application installations (including software that utilizes this software) and technical support for this piece of software are not available from cPanel. While FFMPEG software is distributed subject to GPL licenses, the use and installation of the software may also require patent licenses from third parties.

Because of the legal uncertainty relating to the FFMPEG software application, we are not able to assist in the installation or troubleshooting of FFMPEG.

This is not legal advice or a legal opinion. We are simply explaining that our participation in the installation/troubleshooting of this software is not available. Please see the following location for any legal discussion:

FFmpeg License and Legal Considerations

In conjunction with the link that @durangod provided, you can search this forum for "ffmpeg" to see some threads that show how other users have installed it. However, cPanel staff members can not assist you with FFMPEG (including software that utilizes this software).

Thank you.