Installing multiple cPanel/IMAP-S (stunnel) certificates


Sep 8, 2003
Has anybody had any experience installing multiple SSL certificates for stunnel? This would allow users to connect to cPanel, Webmail, and IMAP-S via their own domain name/IP address.

According to the stunnel documentation, you can place multiple certificates in the .pem file, but this does not appear to work. Additionally, you can set up a CAPath and place multiple certificates there. Again, that didn't appear to work. It says that the filenames need to be the ssl certificate hash with .0 after it. Tried that and it still didn't work.

On another system, we have IMAP over SSL, so we had looked at renaming the configuration files like you can with that setup... imapd-<ip address>.pem. That didn't work either.

Two options we're investigating:

1 - Write a patch for stunnel to allow ip-based names for .pem files (it would check the config-file supplied name, i.e. server.pem, and check to see if server-<ip address>.pem was present and use it over the default if it exists).
2 - Disable cPanel's IMAP server and set up a custom IMAP installation using SSL.

Does anybody have any better ideas or any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Paul Whitaker
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