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Aug 26, 2007
I have a question if you will...

I'm thinking about installing openvz on my box. I did read through
the docs here on cpanel's site and while they have a link for VPS, there
is nothing there but the standard installation documents. (time for a
update guys :)) I also read the docs on openvz's site and they just
aren't very clear. So, I logged into their forum and asked. Again, since
not many there speak/write English from their replies, it wasn't very
clear to me either.

My question is.. I have pretty much a fresh install of CentOS 5 & CPanel.
I'd like to install OpenVZ. Do, I need to remove cpanel and put on openvz
first or (as they mentioned on openvz's site) can I use a make-shift kernel
they have there to overwrite the standard Centos kernel that will work with

Basically, can someone give me the breakdown of how things need to be
installed? at what point the items need installing and maybe point me to
some good online docs. If the info is pretty straight forward and not a run
around with words.. then even a idiot like myself can follow them. <g>



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Nov 29, 2006
Houston, TX
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To eliminate the confusion, here's how you do things:

1. Install your VPS software (OpenVZ, Xen, Virtuozzo or any other environment we support).
2. Provision a VPS server
3. Login to that server and install cPanel/WHM as if it was a dedicated server.

Note, you need 1 cPanel/WHM license per server and each server MUST be on its own IP address. However, since these are VPSs, you may want to look into our lower-cost VPS licensing rather than using Dedicated Server licenses for VPSs. We do not offer these directly in small quantities, but you may be able to acquire them from your data center if they offer cPanel/WHM licensing. If not, check out our distributor list at:

Ignore the entry for cPanel, Inc as we do not offer small quantities of VPS licenses directly.