Installing PDFLib and html2ps in PHP5 with easyapache 3


Dec 19, 2008
I have a Dedicated Hosting

I basically needed to

I recently upgraded to
easypache3 with php5

I used the steps as suggested in all over the web.

Software-> Easy Apache Update
Version was: Easy::Apache v3.2.0 Build 4654

* 1. Profile
* PHP Security

* 2. Apache Version
* Selected 2.0
* →
* 3. PHP Major Version
* Selected 5.* (The latest one)
* →
* 4. PHP Minor version
* 4.3.2 (The one that existed before)
* →
* 5. Short Options List
* Don't remember
* →
* 6. Exhaustive Options List
* Selected PDFLib besides the ones which were there before...
* →
* 7. Save and Build

After the installation I don't see PDFLib installed.

How can I check whether PSFLib is installed.

For installing a module like this or any other, do I again go through the same steps??

What other method of installation is suggested??

PS: I just realized from a Document from cpanel website
faq . cpanel[.]net/show.cgi?qa=117812978802842

that PDF Lib was not there for PHP5...

Or was it there.. I don't remember.. really? Is it safe to take the above steps just to see the Configuration without actually building or modifying the System???

Should I to choose one of the other Profiles in the ast step above for further customization.

Please help,
Bijay Rungta