Installing second phpmyadmin to use with RDS

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Dec 13, 2017
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Hi fellow members, I am in a bit of a situation here. I have a ec2 and RDS setup on AWS. EC2 is running with latest version of cPanelWHM I want to manage the RDS database using phpmyadmin from within cPanel (I believe this is not possible as RDS does not have concept of super user). Let me know if this is possible if so how?

Alternatively, What I am thinking is to install another phpmyadmin under /home/phpmyadmin directory and connect it to the endpoint of RDS so I can manage the database on RDS from http://ec2publicip/phpmyadmin. Can this be achieved if yes how can i go about this so it works flawlessly and any cpanel update does not mess with this installation.

Looking forward for your replies and a solution.