Installing WHM Using Quick Install DVDs on Dedicated Server


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Sep 30, 2008

I am seeking the advice of fellow WHM users, or cPanel staff, who have insight in installing WHM on a dedicated server.

I currently have two cPanel servers but they have come with WHM preinstalled and ready to go. This is not the case with the newest server that I am acquiring . It is a dedicated server which does not have WHM installed (or any OS installed either) and I will not have physical access to the server. The collocation offered me several OS options and has informed me that they are willing to do the install from a DVD I provide. So I am supplying them with the CentOS Quick Install DVD (which includes WHM integrated). My question is that will they be able to perform an unattended installation from the disc, as I want this to be as uncomplicated as possible for them. I have read the documentation about the process but it is rather vague. What information will they need from when performing the installation. How will the root user and password be setup so that I may log in to the servers WHM interface? Is there any specific information I will need from the collocation to complete the setup upon first log-in to WHM? I am on a tight schedule to get this server up and running. However, if the quick install DVD will get WHM installed and easily accessible then I am sure I can continue from that point without problem.

Does the WHM license need to be purchased the before they do installation via the quick install DVD, or can licensing be managed once I have WHM access to the server.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 5, 2008
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I recommend referring to our detailed installation documentation for verbose information about install and setup procedures:
Quick Start Installation Guide
Troubleshooting a Recent Installation

It is possible to install cPanel/WHM and then purchase the license at a later date. cPanel/WHM may be initially setup and configured using a trial license; for specific assistance with licensing I recommend contacting our Sales and Customer Service department:
Contact - cPanel Inc.