Integrating BuddyNS with cPanel


Dec 29, 2011
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Dear folks,

We are interested in integrating our DNS reliability service BuddyNS / with cPanel: whenever a domain is added on cPanel, it gets replicated on our DNS cluster for reliability. The goal is for cPanel users to have seamless DNS reliability, so ease of use is king.

We are considering letting an external developer (some of you, folks!) do this. Please read on for the details, send us a quote if interested, and give us your ideas for a great plugin otherwise.

This will require 2 hooks:
  • an "add domain" hook, hooked to events Accounts::Create and AddonDomain::addaddondomain
  • a "remove domain" hook, hooked to events Accounts::Delete and AddonDomain::deladdondomain

The add and remove domain scripts basically run these 2 queries to our API /
  • Code:
    curl -u [email protected]:mypassword -XPOST -F '' -F 'master='
  • Code:
    curl -u [email protected]:mypassword -XDELETE

This has 3 ancillary requirements:
  1. a simple way for the user to enter and maintain the username and password. A plugin might do (any easier way?).
  2. extracting the server address (the address that BIND responds to). Simply grepping the first address from "ifconfig eth0" might do, any better way?
  3. making the admin allow transfer to our servers requires adding a "allow-transfer {}" block to named.conf . Can this be automated at installation time?

We look forward for ideas and propositions. If some of you wants to pick this up, we look for the plugin, installation bundle and docs part (we can provide the hooks), and we can reward monetarily or alternatives.

Let us know!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Please note that while users are welcome to provide you with advice and assistance, they will not be able to quote you a price or advertise their services in the forums. There is a list of development services in our application catalog at:

cPanel Application Catalog - Development Services

Thank you.