Sep 10, 2001
I have a couple basic questions regarding Interchange.
Haven't used it before and now a hosting customer is
asking me to support it...

If anyone has any good resources on the web
or newsgroups please post them. I haven't found much.


1. To tie into a gateway are we required to
use one of the ones from the pull down in the
admin panel? We have Nova and it's not a option.

2. Any way to enter a shippers tracking number
through the admin?

3. Is there a user manual anywhere? I went
to http://www.icdevgroup.org and found plenty
of installation manuals. But my customer that has
these questions would like to know if a user manual
is out there?

Thanks for any info...


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Feb 24, 2002
Personnally I would stay away from the cart

I have tried it multiple time and the cart causes problems on the servers I have tried it on. The issue arrises when mutiple carts are used by different clients. It seems to get unstable and crash. Exchange server errors. Akopia is impossible to get support from unless you want to pay. We have had trouble tickes go for weeks and never got any answers back. We opt for agora which is not as complex but does work well. We also install OScommerce with an install script and it is a great cart.