Interchange SQL::Statement Errors


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Aug 18, 2001
I noticed this at the interchange developer site:

It has come to our attention that a recent cPanel version upgrades the Perl module SQL::Statement to 1.006. ICDEVGROUP made it clear in December 2002 that the latest version of SQL::Statement was incompatible with Interchange and that there were no plans to provide compatibility at this time. Accordingly, the Perl module bundle for Interchange (Bundle::Interchange) continues to use version 0.1021.

A correctly functioning SQL::Statement is required for the administration interface. The use of any version of SQL::Statement newer than 0.1021 will cause undesirable effects. To check which version you are running, go to the Interchange administration page Administration, Perl Information and look for SQL::Statement. The correct version is 0.1021.
My question is whether or not there is a way to go back to the 0.1021 version easily? I have tried by hand to compile it and install it, but to no avail. Any ideas?

Currently, we have customers complaining of certain parts of interchange not working due to the errors caused by this.