Oct 12, 2003
I am trying to set up an Interchange cart and have run into problems with setting which credit cards are accepted. Without getting into details on this, mainly because it seems interchange don't like cpanel, cpanel doesn't like interchange and the poor user gets to figure it out alone, I do know that my problem would be solved by using IC 4.9.8 instead of 4.9.3 which is being supplied by my hosting company.

My question(s) are, does Interchange get updated by cpanel automatically when new releases are made?

If not, can IC be updated without waiting for a new cpanel release which includes a newer version of IC?

And finally, is there anyone out there who has tried installing 4.9.8 and if so, are there any issues that need to be dealt with, assuming of course that the cpanel installation is already set up to deal with the previously reported problems like sql:statement version.

hope someone can shed some light on this

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