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Oct 7, 2015
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We had a shared server at Hostgator but recently upgraded to a standard dedicated server with WHM and Cpanel. We have over 40 different email addresses and at least 25% of them are having issues logging into their webmail. When they try to login in, it says "Invalid Login" regardless of how many times I reset their password. In WHM, I have been going to Cphulk and whitelisting as many ip addresses as I can and it has fixed some of the issues, but there are still several email addresses that can't log in in regardless if their ip address is on the whitelist. Some of our users have dynamic ip addresses and they all are having log in issues. I think it might be a bad idea to disable Cphulk if this is creating the problem, but I would appreciate any advice you can give me. I have been on support with Hostgator and they can't figure it out either and my ticket with them is over 5 days old now, so I'm coming to the source here hoping to find answers. I searched your forums and couldnt find any answers that worked. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated

I forgot to add that our 40 different emails are for employees all throughout the country, so they are all going to have different IP addresses. I've whitelisted about 55 ip addresses in Cphulk already with the extras being from dynamic ip addresses.
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May 25, 2011
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Can you disable cphulk temporarily just to see if that resolves the issue.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You can review /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cphulkd.log to verify if the failed logins are in-fact from cPhulkd. If so, you may want to consider disabling cPHulk and utilizing an alternate protection option such as CSF, or adjusting the amount of failed logins required to block a user.

Thank you.