Jul 29, 2014
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I have a user who need IONCUBE installed to his root, the question is how do I install it on his resellers account.

These are the things that are confusing me

Are there any opcode caching modules in place? The behavior I am seeing is fairly illogical. The error states the secure_key is not given in the request, or that it is incorrect, but this screenshot shows it is in fact being sent to the server:
It also, is in fact a match to the form hash in the js on the resulting page. In addition, note field_3, the field that the php tags have been submitted to, are removed from the post data even before this point. This does lend weight to it being something on the server end of things, PHP is not acting like PHP. Any opcode caching, extraneous server modules like mod_pagespeed, or security modules could cause this type of behavior.

- Username Removed - "

and also

"Site error: the file /home/southhost/public_html/ requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the website operator. If you are the website operator please use the ionCube Loader Wizard to assist with installation." on

does anyone have a clue as to why it is working on 1 site and not on the other? There both on the same servers.
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Check to see if one account is using a custom php.ini file within it's home directory or any subdirectories. You can upload a PHPINFO file to the directory the script in question is located to determine which php.ini file it's using.

Thank you.