IP error - URL you have requested is not


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Dec 13, 2006
On one of my WHM connections I have encountered this problem. In "Account Information \ List Accounts" as I check an account using the IP I get the following error -

"The URL you have requested is not on, You have connected to us by xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx."

The URL in the address bar is

The "" is my main shared IP. This is with each account on this particular server. I have two other servers and I am not experiencing this problem. When I do the same on any account on either of the other two servers, it launches normally.

Anyone have an idea what is causing this? This is the first of the three servers I set up. I think it is very possible that I may have missed a setting on this one that I did on the other two when I set this up. From what I have checked so far I have not come up on any mismatch.

Please assist