IP Migration Wizard - "Warning: cannot migrate ip address..."

BasicLink SA

Aug 30, 2011
cPanel Access Level
DataCenter Provider
We have a cPanel server (full root access) with only one site on it at this time.

The server originally only had one IP address and this IP was also used for the site. We need to setup a secure certificate for the site so I added a new IP onto the server using "IP Functions >> Add a New IP Address".

Now I want to seamlessly move the site to the new IP address by having Apache listen to both IPs for this site while I change the DNS. The DNS is not on the cPanel server.

I found the "IP Migration Wizard" function and after a lot of googling it does appear to do exactly what I want to do.

When I run it thought it gives me this error:

Merging httpd.conf ....Warning: cannot migrate ip address []
Warning: cannot migrate ip address [*]
Warning: cannot migrate ip address [] is the new, dedicated IP address I want to move the site to.

In the first step of the process you need to "Enter the new IPs one per line:". I have tried leaving that blank, putting in the IP plus it's real CIDR and also /32 since it's only one IP, all resulted in the same error.

Now I don't know if it was actually working as I didn't have time to test. I have manually edited the Apache config file to get it to work since this needs to be done now, but for the future as I know this will happen again.

What am I doing wrong?