IP problems creating subdomains based on a domain hosted elsewhere


May 23, 2003
Maybe a unique situation but I need to know if anyone has experienced this and can provide an end-user solution.


- Main zone for domain points to a remoted hosted IP address. Main zone is defined in the local DNS

- Any locally hosted subdomains or add on domains created all seem to assume the IP address of the main zone. In this case they point to the remote IP address.

- Goal is to host main zone remotely, whereas locally hosting subdomains based on that zone.


Is there any way to correct this behavior such that the end user can create subdomains allocated on a local IP address instead of cPanel forcing them to the remote IP address of the main zone?

How does cPanel decide what IP address to allocate a subdomain? It would seem it must be based on the main domain?

I know the administrator of the server can go in and update the zone and the Apache configuration for the subdomains, but is there any way for the end user to get his subdomains to point to the correct (local) IP when they are created?