[ipcheck] Problem with DNS setup on (FreeBSD)


Sep 11, 2011
Farwell, Michigan, United States
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
hi im running FreeBSD 8.1 and cpanel 11

i keep getting the mail that contains the fallowing
IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.

Your hostname (server1.mydomain-name.com) could not be resolved to
an IP address. This means that /etc/hosts is not set up correctly,
and/or there is no dns entry for server1.mydomain-name.com. Please
be sure that the contents of /etc/hosts are configured correctly,
and also that there is a correct 'A' entry for the domain in the
zone file.

Some or all of these problems can be caused by /etc/resolv.conf
being setup incorrectly. Please check that file if you believe
everything else is correct.

You may be able to automatically correct this problem by using the
'Add an A entry for your hostname' option under 'Dns Functions' in
your Web Host Manager.
here is my /etc/hosts

::1             localhost localhost.net               localhost localhost.net
external-ip1-hidden            server1.mydomain-name.com server1 fdcserver.net fdcser$
here is my /etc/resolv.conf
domain  server1.mydomain-name.com
nameserver external-ip1-hidden
nameserver external-ip2-hidden
I cannot for the life of me figure out what the deal is its been over 24 hrs and no propagation as well and i noticed via port scan that nothing is listening on port 53

FYI I rent my server through FDC