IP's deactivating on reboot - missing from WHM


Oct 15, 2005
I'm not going to list the IP's here, so I will use nicknames, ip1, ip2, and ip3. And I will explain the situation here, and I hope someone can help us.

We're trying to setup a new server, but we built it from scratch, which I've never done before. And we're running into some weird problems.

Here is how things should be setup:

ip1 = main shared ip
ip2 = nameserver1
ip3 = nameserver2

Software: CentOS 5 with cPanel and WHM

Here is how things are setup (on accident):

ip2 = main shared ip
ip3 = free ip / nameserver 2
ip1 = exists but not visible in WHM

When a new cpanel account is created, it get's assigned ip1.
When we reboot the server, ip2 and ip3 become inactive.

All 3 ip's exist in the /etc/hosts file.

We can access the server from all 3 ip's.

Attempting to assign an IP address to ip2 and ip3 (the namservers) via WHM, does nothing (loads forever saying "Assigning Ip Address for...")

Attempting to add ip1 as a free system IP to use as the main shared ip comes up with an error, saying "All Requested Ips were already active".

Any help would be appreciated. We want the main ip to be ip1, and not ip2, and I can't figure out why it thinks ip1 is already added. And every time we reboot the server we completely lose connectivity.


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Jun 18, 2004
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Depending on the method you used to bind the additional IPs, they may be taking over for the default eth0 address on boot and causing problems.

The proper way to have addon IPs with cPanel is to add them through the WHM interface. Bind the main IP to eth0 via the normal method (ifcfg-eth0 for instance) but leave the addons unbound. The Initial Setup Wizard will give you an option to do this but since you are presumably past that point, you'll want to add the IPs in the WHM under Main >> IP Functions >> Add a New IP Address.

Make sure that before you do this that you remove the existing addon IPs however you've bound them. cPanel uses a custom service called ipaliases that manages the addon IPs and you can restart it (if necessary) with:

/etc/init.d/ipaliases restart


Oct 15, 2005
Thanks. We figured it out. it was GNOME's Network Manager utility conflicting with cPanel. :eek: We removed GNOME, we don't need it anyway.
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