Jun 21, 2007
i've just bought a new VPS and i want to give my fren an IRCD from my VPS. What & How to do? please help.. and from where will i set this User limit and limit for background process.


Jun 24, 2005
Extremely not recommended! :D

VPS servers barely, and I mean just barely, run Cpanel alone
with not so good performance and the situation is far more bleak
when talking about IRCD or similar resource intensive daemons
let alone talking about running both on the same VPS server!

Even if you tried to limit the network and memory resource
consumption of the IRCD process, you would still be asking
for very serious trouble that will probably turn your hair white
and I really wouldn't recommend setting up IRCD.

If that is something you are really interested in doing, my
best recommendation is that you give serious thought to
upgrading that VPS server of yours to a dedicated server.

NOTE: Nearly all VPS providers and a great many dedicated
server providers ban IRCD in their TOS Usage Policies. You
should check with your provider to find out if it is even allowed
in the first place.
Jun 21, 2007
IRCD is allowed in my VPS. i have 2 VPS thats why i wanted to run IRCD on one of the VPS.. i really need this IRCD.. please help me out


Jan 15, 2007
Only continue if you trust your friend fully. IRCd's are often ddos attacked if they get too popular, and pose some security risks. I only recommend you using it if your vps has over 512mb ram with perfect uptime and security protection. But, proceed at caution.

You will need to create him an account, and then add SSH access to it (Account Functions -> Manage Shell Access) and find his account, and enable normal shell. You will need a dedicated IP, so add one (Account Functions -> Change Site's IP Address), find his account and change it to an IP that is not shared.
If you have done everything, you should be set.

You will need to access ssh, i recommend using http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe (for windows). open it up, put in the dedicated IP address and open. it will then ask for your username and password, type in the username and password of the account you just added ssh to. (Please note it won't display the password, but it is typing it in).

Once your in your need another guide to help you install your ircd and services. i recommend using unrealircd and anope.

Here is a good guide to setting an ircd up:

If you find this too much, I sell IRCd's for $7.50+ so pm me.