Is anyone having a problem getting to C Panel Horde Mail today


May 30, 2003
When I try logging in I get this message:

You've reached this page for one of the following reasons:

1. You just installed cpanel and a license has not been added for this machine yet.

* If you need a test/beta license, please email [email protected]
* If you are susposed to have a license from your hosting provider, please contact them.
* If you need to get a license, please select one of the distributors here.

2. Something is broken on the server that cpanel is installed on. Please contact your
hosting provider.

3. Your hosting provider has failed to pay for their cpanel license fee, in which case
you need to contact them.

4. Your Cpanel Distributor failed to make timely payment and all of their
licenses were expired.

5. You are attempting to pirate Cpanel; Please don't. Thanks!

Our host provider is telling us that "There appears to be a database error at DarkOrb, the company that makes cPanel -- it's
affecting most, if not all, of their clients."

I was wondering if other's are experiencing the same error message? Support Ticket Number:


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Apr 20, 2003
With all due respect to your host that explantion sounds fishy to me if there was a problem with the database affecting as many as they claim i would of expected to see alot more posts than just this one

Have you tired going to and dumping in in the ip of your site/server/etc and see what it says ? Support Ticket Number: