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Feb 25, 2010
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cPanel is not free. However, test licenses are available for new users. For information about a test license, please e-mail [email protected].

We do not recommend or support installing cPanel on your PC. cPanel is meant to be used on a server in a data center with static IP addresses, and it is not meant to be used on your home or office PC on a DSL or cable broadband modem. We do not support installing cPanel behind a cable or DSL modem with one-to-many NAT IP addresses.

Also, there is no way to uninstall cPanel. If you try cPanel and decide you do not like it, the only way to remove it is to reformat your hard drive, which means destroying all data on it. Even for a trial, only install cPanel on a clean server that has no data on it. Do not install it on your PC that you use for work or personal tasks.

Please read our system requirements carefully:

System Requirements | cPanel, Inc.

  • Because cPanel software is designed for commercial hosting, we only license publicly visible, static IP addresses. We do not license dynamic, sticky, or internal IPs.
  • cPanel does not support one-to-many NAT.
We strongly discourage installing cPanel on your home or office PC. You need to install it on a server in a data center.
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