Is cpanel more secure than webmin?


Jun 24, 2005
Is cpanel more secure than webmin?

And if so why?
A valid question but to a certain extend falls in the "dumb question" category only because neither Webmin nor Cpanel are particularly wonderful where it comes to security in and of themselves.

However where it comes to who puts in the most effort and at least tries to deal with security items from a base install level, I would have to give the recognition to Cpanel though I most certainly would not stop just at a default base config or various internal options given if I were really thinking in terms of security.

Doesn't matter what control panel you go with, you need to still edit and modify thousands of items, configure a firewall, move to SuPHP, and the list goes on and on regarding what you should do to properly secure your server over and above just the control panel software alone.