Is it possible to automatically replicate Cpanel accounts across servers?


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Mar 6, 2003
Virtual Orbis / Peru
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I have 2 Cpanel VPS and a Cpanel reseller account, each of them with different providers.
What I would like to do is replicate my company's website, billing and support sites across
the 3 locations, for achieving a fail over configuration. I would like to know if what I
am thinking is possible or not....


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Mar 30, 2003
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Depends on what level of "replication" you want, sure if its just for the 3 accounts.

The easiest is to use rsync to keep /home/username in sync. If files are not updated that frequently a cron every 10-60 minutes should be fine.

You then can use MySQL replication to keep the other servers updated in real time.

If you want true replication checkout DRBD, though it can be bandwidth intensive and really not practical for this.

There are also other files such as the mail aliases you could periodically rsync if they change.

Mail use backup MX records.

Probably some other things I am missing but that is a good start, basically look at what you need to keep in sync and how often then go from there.