Is it possible to make changes directly on the production site via SFTP text editor or GIT client, and use the cPanel automatic deployment model?


May 16, 2020
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The automatic deployment in cPanel starts with pulling from a remote repo like GitHub, that requires a repo URL.
Does that mean that I must make all the changes to my site on GitHub, if I want to use the cPanel automatic deployment?

I would like to use my favorite SFTP capable text editor or GIT client (Sublime Merge) instead, and make the changes directly on the live site, or locally from a local repository on my laptop.

Is it possible to use the automatic deployment so that the changes are made locally or via SFTP directly to the live files, instead of starting out making the changes on GitHub?


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! It's fine to make edits to the site either way, but I'd recommend either editing the files OR using Git, not trying both. Details on how to setup the repository to work from your local computer can be found here:

which sounds like the best option from the list of things you want to do.