Is it really not possible to send mail to multiple destinations using filters?


Jan 6, 2011
I am having some discussions with the support people at my cPanel hosting and, if what they say is correct, it would seem impossible to use filters to selectively re-route and discard E-Mail. For example I want the following (relatively simple I would have thought) rules:-

if any recipient contains 'chrisasu' then discard the E-Mail
if any recipient contains 'chris' send the E-Mail to '[email protected]'
otherwise deliver to default destination (usually return an error of 'Not known' but could be the account default mailbox)

Note that the *order* of the above tests is important because one has to test for chrisasu before testing for chris.

Now my support people are saying that I have to do all of the above in one filter rule for the tests to work but that isn't possible because one filter rule can't have more than one destination. I currently have two filter rules, one that tests for chrisasu and discards the E-Mail and the next tests for chris and redirects the E-Mail. This doesn't work, the chris destination receives mail for chrisasu as well, it's as if both rules are applied to *all* E-Mail regardless of whether another rule has been satisfied.

Maybe this is where "Stop processing rules" comes in, but then it still doesn't make much sense because one doesn't know which rule is applied first. So even if I add "Stop processing rules" to the chrisasu filter it won't help if the chris filter has already been applied.