Is my cPanel is configured by names and not ip address?


Dec 19, 2007
Hey guys, hopefully i can get some help with this.

I have cPanel hosted on Rackspace but they don't offer any support for cPanel.

Moving a domain to our hosting from their current hosting and they use microsoft 365 for their email
and want to carry on doing so.

So we added a new "A" record in 365 dashboard to point to new hosting ip as microsoft suggests we do
in their support forum but the site isn't resolving.

I asked the question on how the website will resolve without adding our nameservers at the domain registrar and
A tech guy at Rackspace said this:

"will need to create a A record from the microsoft 365 dashboard pointing to ip. I can see the server have cpanel, it depends how it is configured but most likely is configured by names and not ip address so it will be able to translate the domain into the right website even when there is multiple websites on the same IP.

How can i tell if our cpanel is configured to accept names so the domain resolves at our server? We have several other websites hosted on this server but they all point to our nameservers ns1 and ns2.

Any help with this is very much appreciated


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Apr 21, 2013
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How much time passed before you have added A record?
Could you give the domain name, or PM me?

It should work, it works like that:
-Nameserver, tell what's the IP of
-Let's look, Aha, A record for
-, i request you to serve
-Here you go.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, the domain name should load if the "A" record has been pointed to the same IP address it's assigned on the cPanel server. Make sure the account is created on the cPanel server, and that it's assigned IP address is the same one that was added in the "A" record on the remote server that handles it's DNS.

Thank you.