is remote ftp backup really remote?


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Jul 31, 2004
Hi there!

Well some people say that a remote ftp (external ftp) backup is better than second hd backup because if someone damage the server and both of the HDs are damaged it could "save your life" and that sound clear to me but:

is remote ftp backup really remote?

when i configured remote ftp in WHM's backup section it stills want a /dir/nfa/mount directory not /home VERY BAD IDEA so

even if i choose remote ftp backup it stills wanna /backup partition? (twice of the /home size)

so i have just one HD with 10gb in accounts+mysql and 50gb free and another external ftp server with same situation

is it ok to create a /backup partition on my only one solitary hd?

how? with 10gb for instance or 20? does any one know how to create this partition and the more important is if safe ?

best regards

Claudio :confused:


May 12, 2004
It is really remote, it generates a compressed file then transfer it through FTP.
It has to be FTP doesnt matter what partition is it.
As for dir /dir/nfa/mount doesnt matter i use dir /backup the info "Setting this to /home is a VERY BAD IDEA" is if you backup localy (standard), it is not partition but dir/folder.