is somebody using my server for malicious purposes?


Sep 18, 2014
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Hello I seem to be having a never ending issue with my VPS (linux Centos 6) I used to have a joomla site which got defaced by a hacker and the account was compromised by a symlink attack so I terminated the account a while ago and did a scan with Maldetect that turned up nothing.
I recently recieved an email off a reseller asking if I know that my server is shared with a XXX site with my server IP address.
I dont own this "website" and I havent come across any sign of any such content in my day to day use of the system and file manager, How can I find out if my server has been compromised in this way? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Could you elaborate further on what signs of an exploit you see on your system? If you search for the term "hacked" on our forums you will see several threads with tips and guides on how to examine your logs to see if your server has been hacked.

Thank you.