is there a way to copy an account


Nov 29, 2006
Okay i have a Q? I want to no if there is a way for me copy a site to another account. Okay is my store. and i want do duplcate it over again but use a differant domain name, is that possisable.

Okay example say some one order web hosing from me and i create a new cpanel w/ WHM but they want the online store pre loaded for a online store like egotta. same everything except the owner. How do i duplcate egotta over and over again?

Thanks For your help with this question. :confused:

There has to be a way to do this that is not so.......:eek:


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Mar 3, 2006
That wouldn't be difficult.

First create a full cpanel backup of your account.
Then use the modify account option in whm and change the domain name, user name
and other things like that to your clients domain. After all of that is working, restore your original backup.