Is there a way to force sectigo to use DNS validation for authenticating


May 11, 2021
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We recently hit Letsencrypt's limit and switched to Sectigo. Our domains are hosted on a local (internal) IP address which cannot be reached externally.
While we used Letsencrypt it automatically detects that HTTP validation cannot be performed (domain is listening to an internal IP address) But Sectigo creates a validation file and waits for the authentication.
It says No local DNS DCV is necessary and entered into pending requests.

Here is a part of the log

“cPanel (powered by Sectigo)” is authorized to issue certificates for 3 of this user’s 3 domains.
9:29:49 AM Performing HTTP DCV (Domain Control Validation) on 3 domains …
9:29:49 AM Local HTTP DCV OK:
Local HTTP DCV OK: (via
Local HTTP DCV OK: (via
9:29:49 AM No local DNS DCV is necessary.
9:29:49 AM Processing “domaincom_user”’s local DCV results …
9:29:49 AM Analyzing “”’s DCV results …
9:29:49 AM AutoSSL will request a new certificate.
9:29:49 AM The system will attempt to renew the SSL certificate for (
Is there a way that we can skip HTTP validation and force the DNS validation for Sectigo. Our DNS zone is hosted on the same machine on external interface and it can be reached from outside of our network. Thanks.
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