Apr 11, 2005
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Operating system Linux
Kernel version 2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp
Machine Type i686
Apache version 1.3.33 (Unix)
PERL version 5.8.4
PHP version 4.3.11
MySQL version 4.0.24-standard
cPanel Build 10.0.0-RELEASE 149
Theme cPanel X v2.5.0
cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC2)


Here's the problem: this weekend, I try to connect to my vBulletin Forum, hosted on www.asmallorange.com. I go there and find the standard vBulletin error message. I check the error code:

Link-ID == false, connect failed
mysql error:

mysql error number: 0

So, I log on to cPanel to access phpMyAdmin -- and get an error that my username or password is incorrect (it isn't). I then launch my FTP client and try to log in to my account (using my cached username and password) and get an error that my username and password are incorrect.

Making a long story short, I get my password reset by A Small Orange and my Forum magically reappears. The provider then sends me an e-mail that this is a bug in cPanel and will be fixed once they upgrade to the newest version of cPanel.

I checked the cPanel BugZilla and couldn't find anything about a bug like this.

What sayest thou? Are they making this up? Is this really a bug? RSVP.


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Jul 9, 2002
Atlanta, GA
Ben, we have seen this one before on 2 occasions, but a long long time ago. We assumed it was either a) fixed or b) not dependant on cPanel. Given this new event, we'll work on writing something up for the bugzilla to submit and you guys to take a look at.