Is word press forbidden on CPanel? My hosting company says so - urgent help please


Jan 20, 2014
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Recently i have ordered a VPS plan with one of the 4-Tier hosting company with a Cpanel license

The server details are as follow

Linux VPS - Quad Core Plan / 4GB Ram / 100GB HDD . OS is Centos 6 x86 (64) & Cpanel License (CentOS Only). The server was configured with LAMP

I have created 2 accounts (created with cpanel /whm ) & done all the name server pointing etc with my domain registrar end & later installed wordpress. Installation went fine & i am able to access backend & connect to database , but front end is broken & loading partially.

When contacted my VPS hosting supporting team, they told me like wordpress will not work on CPanel (until softaculous or fantascio license is purchased & installed). Is it true?.

As far i'm aware both softaculous & fantascio are automatic installers with a bunch of open source scripts like wordpress, joomla, majento, zen & open carts & various other script bundles and they only help with easy installations. Correct me, if i am wrong?.

If there is cpanel, is it necessary to have softaculous to run wordpress? Is cpanel alone making my server forbidden on installing wordpress?. Advice please

My hosting support team is advising me to go with a server without cpanel, if i need wordpress. Following are their advice given to me when a support ticket is raised on wordpress. I never asked them to install wordpress for my behalf, but asked them only, why wordpress is not working on my server (it works partially).

If you want wordpress on your cPanel server then we need to install licensed softaculous as cpanel supports only softaculous and fantastico. If you want install only wordpress then go for core linux server as in cpanel server we cann't install wordpress separately

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that in order to install the wordpress with all the feature you need to opt for the softaculous software .

As softaculous in a licensed product , hence it include commercials .Please confirm shall we install the softaculous software on the server .


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Apr 27, 2006
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This, as others have said is complete crapola. Check the error log in your cPanel to see if there are any likely looking errors for your wordpress script

Error Log

The wordpress codex will also likely be useful to you, for example

Editing wp-config.php « WordPress Codex

I would point out that a default new install of cPanel will provide apache, mysql and suphp sufficient for wordpress to function without issue...


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The information provided by your hosting company is inaccurate. You can install WordPress on a cPanel server without any additional software. You can also allow for it's automatic installation by enabling WordPress under:

"WHM Home » cPanel » Install cPAddons Site Software"

Then, cPanel users can install it through the "Site Software" option.

Thank you.


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Feb 25, 2010
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To add to what cPanelMichael said, you can install any site software package you want on a cPanel account. WordPress is just site software, like any number of other packages. However, the host can decide what PHP modules and extensions to deploy on the server, and that can affect whether or not a particular site software package will work. Also, the host does have the ability to either allow you or disallow you to install WordPress via the cPAddons/Site Software function.