ISP/Hosting Complete Solution


Jul 12, 2002

I'm trying to wade through the options available to me for a small hosting/ISP company....

I'm looking for a system that will handle Order and Account Management, Billing & Customer Self-Management for *both* the ISP and the Web Hosting units of the company. We need to track usage for both the ISP (we sell an 800# dial-up usage based service) & the Hosting (bandwidth) and I want provisioning and billing (for both dial-up and hosting) to be automated.

I have found many solutions for the above targeting towards ISPs however most of them do not offer a hosting control panel for administration and customer self-management. Most are more ISP focused, e.g. Hawk-I, ISP2001, Optigold ISP, Platypus, etc. What I would be most interested in knowing is what ISP solutions, if any, the CPanel product has been integrated with. If we could integrate CPanel with one of the above mentioned ISP provisioning, managing, billing solutions I think we would set.

I'm willing to spend some money to automate the dial-up and shared server units of my company as long as I end up with integrated complete solution so we can concentrate our efforts on marketing rather than customer management and billing.

Basically, I want our billing and customer management solutions to be the same for both Hosting and Dial-up.

I look forward to your insights.