issue: huge Apache traffic with /home drive getting full


Jan 12, 2006
Hello, please kindly requesting help, am little disperate as it's severe already

The issue consists in high Load usage with apache on top , with traffic statistics usage and drive space
on /dev/sdb1 mapped as /home, so it's about a huge traffic usage with hidden content on drive.

1. cPanel indicates for October total web traffic for hosted websites of about 1020.30 Gig, against provider
network traffic ststistics use of 3000 Gig.
2. cPanel is indicating /dev/sdb1 mapped as /home being used as 32% (only 39 Gb used by 133 Gb in total),
but i receive alerts of 86% drive full.
3. There is a high Load utilisation with Apache web usage being unusually high, which is very suspect.

I have tried to identify the origins of files or high traffic, but I am not able to find,

can anyone help pls ?!


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Nov 2, 2011
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There are other things that you need to do.

1)Check apache status from WHM as you will know site/sites having maxium no. of hits.
2)Check apache access logs to find out which URL has maximum connections.
3)Use netstat to find out the total no. of connections and no. of connections per IP.
4)Block the IP in csf from which there is high no. of connections, same for site which is having high hits.
You may disable particular script or suspend the site.