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Mar 2, 2018
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It doesn't appear to be possible to create a global exim filter, only a .yaml one; otherwise I might be able to shift the filtering up to the account level. Re-entering 250K lines of exim filters into the cpanel GUI for account filtering...<shudder>

I thought that the dovecot log files might help, but they want some global config file that either exists someplace else, or that I can't access. And they seem to be binary.

Sorry for the length, but I'm trying to be complete.
First, I'm a lowly user. I have had a ticket with lunarpages for a bit (4427801), and they've reached out to cpanel as well (Cpanel support 9309767).

I have a really large set of exim filters (250K lines), which used to work fine. When they updated to centos 7 and a newer cpanel, the exim save command within the filters stopped working.

Each user has a simple redirect to the account email. The account email then uses etc/filter to deliver things appropriately, e.g. for user dog:
if $h_to matches "dog" then
  save $home/mail/domain/dog/
  seen finish
Previously, this would create a message in $home/mail/domain/dog/new. Now, even though "Track Delivery" happily reports success:
Delivered To: /home/domain_account/mail/domain/dog/
Router: central_user_filter
Transport: address_directory
There's no email.

Support suggested changing to
if $h_to matches "dog" then
  deliver [email protected]
  seen finish
That also doesn't work.

I know that it is hitting the exim filter, because I have logwrite messages, and because I have added a deliver [email protected] line, and the email shows up there.

As the system is now centos, the redhat-release bit doesn't work, and there's no centos-release, but here's the suggested status command.

$ grep '' /etc/redhat-release /usr/local/cpanel/version /var/cpanel/envtype ; grep CPANEL= /etc/cpupdate.conf
grep: /etc/redhat-release: No such file or directory
grep: /etc/cpupdate.conf: No such file or directory
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Apr 11, 2011

Per the support ticket (9309767), it looks like part of the issue was that a custom "filter" file was setup for the default account (e.g. [email protected]) as opposed to globally via the "Global Email Filters" option in cPanel. Additionally, the ability to customize the filter via the UI is limited to some extent. We have a feature request open at the following URL to enhance this:

Enhance Email Filtering Options

Thank you.