Issue with Migration by Cloning: All domains are not accessible (This site can’t be reached)

Jun 28, 2020
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hi everyone,

I just move my cpanel instance within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using the following steps:

1. Create disk snapshot for system and data,
2. Stop current cpanel/whm instance,
3. Create new instance from system disk and create another disk from data disk,
4. Attach the data disk to the instance,
5. Change the IP Address and refresh all licenses that attached to the server (including cPanel)
6. Change the nameserver DNS to the current IP Address,
7. Sync the DNS with other cPanel server within the DNS Cluster.

I manage to run the server and access WHM dashboard.The access for client cPanel also looks fine. Domain propagation also shows that the IP address has changed to the new one.

But all of the domains are not accessible when accessed from the web. Theerror shows:

This site can’t be reached
The connection was reset.


Please someone help.