Issue with text display inside a cPanel account


Feb 12, 2011
Rovaniemi, Northern Finland
[SOLVED] Issue with text display inside a cPanel account

For some strange reason, all the text inside each cPanel account on a VPS is displayed incorrectly.
It's as if it displays the variable names instead of the actual text.

For example:
'CEPleaseUpdate CEPleaseUpdateLink.'
instead of:
'Please update your contact information here'

And others like:
INDXBandwidth 8.14 / 15000 MB
INDXEmailAccounts 1 / infinity

And so on... This is the same for all the text, as well as in the left column as below the icons.

I have attached a partial screenshot as well:

What could be causing this?

This is version 11.28.83 on CentOS 5.5., on a VPS (OpenVZ) with 4 GB RAM and 250 GB Disk Space.

I have already tried a forced cPanel update, to no avail.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!
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