Jul 11, 2008
Good morning,
I have a new account on a hosting service where they gave me the use of cpanel and VHM.
I tried to add the italian language but from the support they told me that the file for italian language is ... :confused: 0 byte!
Because already I use cpanel on another web hosting and I have it in italian too then I wonder how can I get the italian file to install on this new system.
On the other system I haven't root privileges then I don't know how to download these files.
Can somebody help me giving me a link where to find the files?
Thank you


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Dec 28, 2001
Only the server administrator can install language files (your host). We do not currently have an Italian language file available for download. You may be able to contact your other/old host and see if they will provide one as the one they were using is likely either one they translated or one that came with third party software such as rvskins.