I've got two questions, bruteforce whm/cpanel root and global 404 pages!


May 25, 2010
I was wondering, how I can create global 404 pages and any error pages that would overwrite any users 404 pages, or even if they didn't have any in there directory, something like that hostgator does, because most people don't have error pages setup, so I would like to use it for advertisement, how can this be done?

Also I keep getting someone keep trying to brute force my root whm/cpanel login, I was wondering if it's possible to setup a .htaccess file so they would need my login/password in order to access that page alone, or if it's possible to rename the root login to something different, I am using the cpanel/whm brute force protection and it's enabled, but I believe they are using proxies so there ip changes even though they get banned, my password is 22 letters/numbers long, so I doubt it will get cracked, it's just the point of them trying which is annoying me, and I get a email every time so it's even more annoying, I don't want to disable that, but I think a .htaccess would add a little added extra security into it, even though it doesn't make it the most secure, I think it would be a benefit, also I was wondering if you can change the whm port, or does that require a lot of things to do, or is it something simple that could be done? I think both would benefit me from getting any hacking attempts. One more thing I forgot to ask, how can I make it so only a certain host name address can access it? IE: *.chartermi.net or alike.?

If you got any other ideas to add protection or any added security let me know, besides installing software, I doubt I really need to do all that.

Thanks in advanced!