Jailshell and symbolic link problem.


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Sep 25, 2002
St. Charles, MO
I have a user that blew out his disk space in his home directory for the drive partition.

I installed another disk drive and mounted it off /

I went into his directory and created a symbolic link to the new drive under his web site.

It's all working fine except the programmer is trying to cd into the directory, and they can't see it from shell and cPanel's file manager can't see it either. The web site is able to read and also put files into the directory within the user account.

I thought I had it by creating a symbolic link within the virtfs directory for the user, but when you try to go to it, it says "Too many levels of symbolic links" and I have not found a way around this.

Does anyone else have any ideas other than remounting the drive within the users directory? I don't know if that will even work.

I really don't want to enable normal shell for this user, just jailshell.