Jupiter gets worst not better


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Dec 31, 2009
What are you doing to the Jupiter WHM?

We've now got a dodgy scroll bar with borders on the side menu, it looks like something from the 90s, I guess that's to fit in with the 80s icons.
What's it for? Scroll bars only appear when scrolling, why is the menu in a frame?

I appreciate the nav search being added back and the load icons but why have we now changed to a dismal grey band along the top with another white band under it? It looks so amateur like.

And it goes without saying I said "no thank you" to the forced jupiter theme on new accounts, I'm too busy to deal with the customer complaints I'll get.

If you're going to keep doing this stop putting prices up as all that seems to be happening is your designer/developer is finding unnecessary stuff to do.


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Aug 10, 2002
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Yea, really wish cPanel would tone down some of the Jupiter stuff.

cPanel 108 isn't even in Edge yet. We're using cPanel 102, which is the current TLS release. We've made our own customizations to the paper_latern theme. We don't want our customers using the Jupiter theme at this time. But we've got users, resellers, all coming to us with "HELP! HELP! THE PAPER LANTERN IS ON FIRE! WE'VE SWITCHED TO JUPITER AND THIS DOESN'T WORK!!! - The thing told us to switch to Jupiter because Paper Lantern is going to self destruct in 3.... 2... " Papter Lantern is a long, long ways from being removed. Quit scare mongering people into switching to Jupiter, when it's obvious that Jupiter isn't production ready.


Sep 15, 2022
Lancaster, UK
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So I'm stuck. CentOS 8 already end of life. Rocky my favoured replacement not supported by WHM/cPanel until cPanel 108 - Paper Lantern forced removal at cPanel 108.

Jupiter is wrong in so many ways it's untrue. Existing customers complained they wanted what was familiar and we swapped all accounts back to Paper Lantern. New customers had extra support needs because they were confused by the things been suggested and offered by cPanel. That extra support costs us extra money to resolve and customer goodwill.

Considering that and the price hikes following the removal of yearly licensing I am NOT a happy customer. Charge more money and make me happier with better interfaces and less work, less support needed for my customer base and I'll be a happier customer. You've done the opposite!

The Godaddy and Heart Internet sized client base is long gone because they can and will produce their own proprietary interfaces rather than be at the sway of WHM/cPanel and we are the customer base that is left. Yet we are not happy.

Something needs to fundamentally change here.

Slow minor changes and tweaks might have been bearable but this forced swap is intolerable.


Sep 22, 2022
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I agree, Paper Lantern Basic (even Retro) is better than Jupiter (or Paper Lantern Glass)...

The accessibility of the UI from a contrast point of view is great in Paper Lantern Basic and terrible in Glass or Jupiter. Why this push? Makes no sense from a UI standpoint.


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Jan 2, 2006
Yeah I just want to add that I agree with the comments. Jupiter really sucks. The icons are sh1t.

And why oh why is there a link for "Wordpress Toolkit" on the left menu under the title "Tools"? Why is that sat there by itself? Makes no logical sense.