Jupiter is not consistent and bugged

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Jun 15, 2007
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As the subject says, Jupiter is not consistent and bugged, Jupiter lacks of a lot of things and is not ready to production, why are you forcing us to use it if is in a very early stage?

As you can see on my attachment, Jupiter is only a left and top bar/frame and the main information is the old paper lantern frame, as is not consistent it dont fill the screen and it dont have a left/right scroll so you cannot see all the information of the accounts, my monitor is bigger but in smallers monitors information is trimmed more.

A lot of parts of WHM and cPanel are in the same way of this screenshot, you are trying to fit everything in a new css and everything looks misplaced, broken or not finished, only with a few minus changes like font, colors and sizes, THATS NOT A GREAT EXPERIENCE

Jupiter is not READY and should not impose like this, Jupiter is not a finished theme that instead to be user friendly or life saver is a nightmare and frustrated theme and here is why:

- Is not possible to customize Jupiter in a easy way that Paper Lantern, you need to use the API and no all users, in fact, just a very small groups of users knows how to use an api; a lot of users put their time an effort to customize their Paper Lantern theme to fits they needs and brand, everything is going to be on the trash.

- A lot of parts of cPanel and WHM are not consistent with Jupiter, some visual elements and parts are just adjusted or ported to fit in Jupiter in someway that parts are just "zoomed" or have a font change or color change, those parts looks that missing, broken or just ugly.

- As a server administrator, i want to have something useful not something beautiful, Jupiter does not have that useful or friendly part and in someway is not beautiful, for server administrator time is gold and with Jupiter we are wasting time trying to find items or sections that with Paper Lantern are just in one or two clicks.

- Usually, servers administrator are behind a computer and big monitors, Jupiter makes everything bigger making that only some few items are on screen instead of have a lot of items for easy administration, lot of clicks, lot of scroll to find something or reach a item.

- Jupiter is not intuitive, intuitive is something that without knowledge makes you fell that you are reaching or clicking the item you need in matter or seconds and makes you confident of what are you doing, with Jupiter you are wasting time because you need to read and navigate the whole page in order to reach or click the item you need, even if you have using Jupiter for a long time, everytime you use WHM or cPanel it makes you feel insecure and lost, even if you are an expert and know cPanel/WHM very well with Jupiter you have this feeling that you are going to click on the wrong part, dont makes you feel confident; Jupiter looks that everything is messed.

- Jupiter does not have translations, a lot of users do not speak english, and Jupiter is not ready for those users that are more than you think.

Jupiter should not be forced until everything is consistent, Jupiter should be an option at least for 2-3 years and and should not be imposed as cPanel is doing.

Jupiter is in diapers and needs a lot of work, not work of few months, Jupiter needs years of work and a lot of feedback, in the other hand, Paper Lantern is very mature and should not be deprecated as it. A mature item should never be replaced for a diapers or experimental item as you are doing with Paper Lantern and Jupiter.

Jupiter and Paper Lantern must coexist together for a lot of time until Jupiter reach a Mature phase or is the choice of more users than Paper Lantern.

In a product like cPanel/Whm that is the "core" of a millions of websites on the world, impose a theme that is in a early stage is not a option.

As a server administrator we need stability, intuitivity, maturity, tools, improvements, bug fixes, security, implementations and incorporation of new technologies and frameworks, compatibility and compatibility with the most used things on the world (this is something that cpanel has been lacking in recent years), not a theme that breaks all server administrator needs, not a experimental or unfinished theme.

As a user we need a friendly and useful interface, styling and theme options.

Jupiter does not comply yet with the needs of the users nor server administrators so Paper Lantern must be LTS at least until Jupiter reach a mature phase.

As a final comment, in the past two weeks i have been using another and popular control panel (especially very popular in the past year), unknown for me, new for me, and i can assure that this other panel that is new and unknown for me didn't make me feel what jupiter is making me feel, so I can say that my request is not for fear or refusal to change, i love changes and im not afraid of changes, is just that Jupiter does not comply with a progress and everything exposed here.

I know that cPanel users and Whm users are going to find a lot of issues with Jupiter not only the issues i mentioned here, here i mentioned what i found on my first usage with Jupiter, and my screenshot is the first thing i found...

Please cPanel re-consider Paper Lanter for LTS until Jupiter is Mature...


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