Jupiter theme not retaining branding on restored accounts


Apr 24, 2020
Houston, Texas
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Root Administrator
I just restored an account in WHM from a different web server. For some reason, that particular cPanel account is not showing our branding. And there seems to be no way to change it.
  • cPanel accounts created on the server have our branding.
  • cPanel accounts restored from another server do not have our branding.
The account came from a shared hosting account and was restored on a dedicated server. The account was restored using a full backup, downloaded in cPanel from the shared hosting account, and uploaded in WHM on the dedicated server.

How do you restore our branding to restored accounts?


Jurassic Moderator
Staff member
Oct 19, 2014
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Root Administrator
Hey there! Is there any way you could make a ticket for this issue so we can do some direct troubleshooting? I would expect this to be one of those things that "just works" but I'm guessing something in the restore process is getting ignored that happens in the normal account creation process.