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Feb 20, 2011
Since one and half month ago I've had a lot of research and studied.
Now I have a VPS with 2GHz CPU, 4GB RAM and run Apache version 2.2 SuPHP, PHP 5.x

I have a very serious question about the Apache behavior with or without KeepAlive function
when I enable KeepAlive function and set:
KeepAliveTimeout 2
MaxKeepAliveRequests 200

my pages are opening quick and smoothly but compare to KeepAlive Off, I have more than twice CPU Usage.

the very strange behavior of Apache when KeepAlive is Off, is My website open in some ISP and not opening completely in others with same bandwidth, I've check the situation in same time with my friends.

Now I want to know related setting and any customization for using KeepAlive and having better performance for heavy traffic.