Keep email in cPanel, but redirect website to outside IP


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Jan 31, 2002
I have an account where I want to keep the email in my whm, but redirect the website to an outside IP.

I'm not sure exactly what to change but would this work?
- Change A record for to the new IP
- Change CNAME for www to the new IP
- Change A record for ftp to the new IP

But do I need to change other things related to mail to keep mail with my whm?

Like after the changes above will mail accidentally go to the new site since the record for mail is still
- mail CNAME (but I've changed to the outside IP)

What about MX going to Should this be changed to something else to keep email - since the A record for now goes to the outside IP.

Anything else I need to change?



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @jimjoe,

You'd simply change the "A" record for "domain.tld" to the IP address of the server you want it pointed to. You won't need to change the WWW CNAME entry because by default it points to "domain.tld" (which will point to the new IP). You can choose to update the "A" record for "ftp" if you want it to resolve to the remote server as well.

Additionally, to ensure email remains pointed to the cPanel server, create a new "A" record for "email" to the cPanel server's IP address and then update the "mail" CNAME to "email.domain.tld". Then, use "email.domain.tld" as the host for the MX entry.

Thank you.