Keep getting this cron error: /bin/sh: /usr/local/bandmin/bandmin: is a directory


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Nov 5, 2008
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/bin/sh: /usr/local/bandmin/bandmin: is a directory

Maybe 50 times a day, any idea how to get something where it's looking or how to fix the error?
The specified path should be an executable script and not a directory.

It will help to know, is the system a new installation, or an existing install that just started to experience the issue?

Does the symptom reoccur frequently (after applying corrections)?

What is the output of the following two commands?
# stat /usr/local/bandmin/bandmin
# ls -ahl /usr/local/bandmin
If the bandmin directory simply contains another bandmin directory instead of an executable script of the same name, try moving it out of the way and then forcing a bandmin update or re-install using the following command:
# /scripts/bandminup --force