Keeping a copy of terminated accounts backups


Nov 24, 2012
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I posted a feature request some time ago:
Keep archive of terminated backups | cPanel Feature Requests
about keeping a copy of terminated accounts.

Because it is impossible to keep backups of terminated accounts with the new backup system, i was forced to run both backups:
1) run the old backup each sunday and create zipped archives to /cpbackup/daily which would keep me a copy of all accounts
2) run incremental daily and monthly with the new backup system (which was a total fail because i found out the hard way that it does not actually keep 2 incremental backups and you really only have 1 backup even if you have monthly checked)

Recently i decided to go the right way and create off-site backups as well (as everyone should) and for now 1-2TiB of storage on Amazon S3 is cheaper than running a dedicated backup server.

So I configured Amazon S3 backup successfully however I had to see with great sorrow that it created date-based folders in the amazon bucket account as well (like 2014-08-23)
so there is really no way of keeping a backup for even 6 months without creating a backup each week or month continuously (= having minimum 6 copies if i want to keep 6 months)

From my point of view
1) separate scheduling for additional destinations is a must, see feature request
2) fixed-named folder names instead of date-named must be an option for those who just want to keep a copy of everyting offsite, see feature request

I am really curious how others handle Cpanel backups with the new backup system and if they find it even usable?

Also, call to arms: there are many useful feature requests but get neglected because noone votes on them. I suggest you browse them through and vote on the vital ones.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Thank you for taking the time to open those feature requests. Ensure you occasionally monitor the comments on those requests, as often our developers will post comments seeking additional feedback.

Thank you.