Keeping accounts safe after a reinstall

Eli L

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Aug 9, 2007
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Heres my situation stated as simply as possible.

I'm on centos 4.8 and I need to be upgraded to 5.4. But to get 5.4 the server needs a fresh install.

With all the great minds here on the cpanel forums, What is the best way (if one exists) to do a fresh install of the server while keeping all the accounts/reseller perms/packages safe to be put right back into the fresh install?

(I have access to another cpanel server if it matters)

What do you think?


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Jan 24, 2005
Well, if you don't mind having a downtime during all this transition from CentOS 4.x to 5.x, then you can make a backup of all the accounts on another server you have, reinstall the server with CentOS 5.x and restore the accounts using the Backup option itself. You can configure the Ftp backups using the WHM >> Backup >> "Configure Backup" option.

If you are not looking for a downtime, then I would recommend you to purchase a new server with whatever configuration you want and migrate all the accounts from current server to the new one. As soon as the accounts are migrated, change the A record in the DNS zone of all the accounts on the old server to point to the new server IP and then update the name server IPs to the new ones. This way your website will work from the new server via the old server during the name server IP propagation.

The 3rd option is same as the above but will cause even less hassle if your Hosting company is willing to change the IPs. i.e. once you purchase a new server and migrate all the accounts on it, ask your hosting company whether they will be able to bind the old server IPs on the new server. If they do, all your problems will be resolved and you will face zero downtime.


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Mar 12, 2004
I have used the third option a few times. However, remember to disable email between the time you backup and transfer to the time you have the IP's moved. Otherwise, some email could be lost.


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Dec 19, 2008
You will also need to make sure that database tables and such do not get modified after the backup has been done. (Like forums, blogs, etc)

Depending on how large scale you're talking about, sometimes the best option is to setup a scheduled maintenance time and take everything offline for the upgrade.