Jan 27, 2014
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hello friends,

I'm trying to connect with SSH.

my VPS provider asked me to leave enabled IP fixed my pc with the VPS. (Tunnel)

everything is fine.

but now I want other pc to enter the SSH WHM I created with some keys.

but an error of "time out" when I enter with PUTTY appears.

I know this error. And it's why I can not login from another ip.

solution ... add this new IP to allow passage through SSH.

this can be done through HWM? or should I ask my provider?

Thank you very much!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You can ensure the IP address is allowed for SSH in the /etc/hosts.allow file by using the following option in Web Host Manager:

"WHM Home » Security Center » Host Access Control"

Also, make sure you allow it in any firewall management utilities that are installed on your server (e.g. CSF).

Thank you.