Jan 2, 2007
I know that forums are for complaining :D but I'd just like to say that what the developers have done with 'WHM Accelerated' is nothing short of amazing.

The nature of our business is that we have a LOT of domains and subdomains. And no, it isn't shady or blackhat or anything else other than a LOT of domains.

A problem that we have encountered is that our users would sometimes click the 'refresh' button half way through adding an addon domain or subdomain ...because it was taking around 5 minutes to add the domain. Here's an idea of how many domains we are talking about:

[/etc]# cat localdomains | wc -l

As you see .. over 11,000 domains. Our server now has WHM accelerated and the addon domain creation time is just 25 - 30 seconds! That's a huge drop in time and solves the problems we were having. Anyone who can't wait 30 seconds deserves to have a broken domain ;)