Large Incremental backup sizes and Backup SQL per user script


Jul 7, 2007
I am using Bacula and connecting to the server on a nightly basis.

Because it backs up the tar.gz files in /backup/cpbackup Im finding that the incremental backups are still large (30% of the size of the weekly full backup)... I know for sure there is not 30% of data being added each night.

I guess because the compression process changes the file a lot from one day to the next, even though the data may not have changed significantly on the users account /home/user/.

What I am thinking is rather than use cPanel backup and sync the tar.gz files, instead I should sync /home/* for all users, and then have a script to backup the users database (perhaps in /backups/userdbs/{db-for-each-user}).

Does anyone see any issues with this and is this likely to decrease the incremental changes (since html files will not have changed much between backups)?

Any ideas what script I could use to dump the MySQL databases on a per user basis?